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Why is Nicah being body shamed for her god-given assets?

March 11, 2021 at 10:43
Nicah the Queen

Nicah the Queen is being dragged, mainly by women for a video she shot in which she was featured inviting people to her church. The fact she was inviting people to her church isn’t the issue, rather the fact that the video featured her curvaceous body.

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Nicah who was previously married to comedian Dr Ofweneke before she left the marriage under the cloud of claims of infidelity and domestic violence has stayed true to her gospel roots and is still heavily involved in church.

So it really should come as no surprise to anyone that she would try to “win souls to Christ” by inviting them to her place of worship. And so a video was shot and we were enthralled by her large derriere. But what is wrong with her using this god-given asset to win souls over to God?

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You see, Nicah is simply a creation of God. And she was not luridly dressed. She was in a blouse and a skirt. What did people expect of her? For her to be in a buibui? And she is aware that she is indeed aware of how ridiculous and contrived the outrage is so she has simply acknowledged that regardless of what she wears, she would still have a buxom buttock that sways.


Nicah back when she was still with Ofweneke

And if the people grumbling are indeed Christians, they would do well to remember that Jesus himself hang out with prostitutes. And I say this to simply say that they should be more focused on how to keep the men tempted to come to their church and convert them to having a closer relationship with God.

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Nicah’s is a case of “come for the booty, stay for the word” and indeed, even a trap needs bait. Given the imperialistic nature of Christianity, they need to view this as a war and sometimes in war, a misdirection is an important tool. This would allow them to adapt and thrive because let’s face it, with Covid-19, the attendance numbers in alot of churches has nosedived to the point of straight-up bombing.

Nicah the Queen

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen

And the idea that women are the ones leading the body-shaming brigade against Nicah is very troubling especially because one would think they would pay the call for female solidarity more than lip service. Plus it shows that they have a problem with something as simple as beauty -why else would they be leading the outrage?

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Anyway, what do I know? I am just a simple man who always looks for simple solutions.

Nicah the Queen

Nicah was heavily criticized by women

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