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Why Nicah is missing Dr Ofweneke and has struggled to replace him

March 11, 2021 at 12:15
Why Nicah is missing Dr Ofweneke and has struggled to replace him

Nicah the Queen and her ex, Dr Ofweneke are the very definition of the saying, “He who laughs last, laughs best”. And you had better believe that upon hearing about Nicah’s interview on Massawe Japani’s show on Radio Jambo, he smiled.

“Yes I still love my ex!” Nicah the Queen confesses

While being interviewed today, the lady who is celebrated more for her curvaceous self more than her gospel music career, Nicah, revealed that she misses the good times she had with her baby daddy whom she left after a rather controversial period in their relationship.

Nicah the Queen

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen

You see, back when they were a couple, Nicah was accused of being promiscuous while Dr Ofweneke was accused of being violent. You know how that cycle goes right? One is accused of stepping out on her partner who then begins to beat her to attempt to gain some semblance of control over his household.

“Even if I wear a sack, my bum will still jiggle” says Jesus gurl, Nicah the Queen

And we watched Dr Ofweneke unravel for a time, and he was even caught being drunk and disorderly in public. He has since got his life in order and he has moved on with his life.


Nicah the Queen with her ex holding her from the back

Nicah on her part tried moving on and for a time last year she was in and around Nigeria and I assumed it was because she had a West African man but that doesn’t seem to have panned out. Before that, a photo of her in bed with gospel singer and Bahati acolyte, Weezdom and even that had fallen through.

Controversy after photos emerge of Weezdom in bed with Nicah the Queen [photos]

So why is she struggling to replace Dr Ofweneke and failing while he has since moved on to a stable relationship? Why is she now talking about missing the good times they had? Infact, Nicah is only now acknowledging she had a part to play in the breakdown of their marriage.


Nicah who is known more for her body than her music

It is because she is struggling to find a man at his level of status and financial standing. Yes, Dr Ofweneke has since experienced an ascendancy of his career after they parted company. And now he is one of the most highly sought after event MCs and comedians.

Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah

Ofweneke’s baby mama, Nicah

And that, gentlemen, is something you need to aspire to become. Work so hard, and become so successful that your exes start talking about missing you. Make yourself so top tier that women actually tell people they are related to you through past relationships. Dr Ofweneke did that right and as a result, Nicah cannot find anyone on his level so every man she has since dealt with is insufficient.

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