Why Nicah the Queen’s video offended feminists

Nicah the Queen decided to share a video of herself watching the feet of her man and that set the internets (those damnable interwebs) ablaze. How dare she do anything for the expressed pleasure of her man especially if she derives no direct benefit from doing so?

“It can never be me” Hilarious reactions to Nicah The Queen’s video washing boyfriend’s legs

What sought of lesson is she trying to impart in our young, impressionable daughters? How dare she do anything selfless? And all those screams came from unmarried, unhappy, feminist windbags who cannot stand to see a man or a woman happily in their relationship.


You see, to any feminist, Nicah the Queen’s actions are not just anathema but straight up treachery to the feminist cause and should be condemned in the strongest possible way. But… Here’s the problem with their attitudes and sentiment to what she did; they do not have and have not had real male companions for quite some time. And we aren’t going to count spineless male feminists who have been proven to be nothing short of truly insidious.

“Let’s learn to be truthful” Nicah the Queen tells Diana Bahati

Anyway, from what I can see happened, Nicah innocently decided to wash her man’s feet. He was relaxing and she wanted to take that relaxation to the next level. Perhaps her love language is doing acts of affection. If that is the case, there is nothing wrong with that. But a lot of selfish, bitter feminists feel that their way of doing things is best. And what is that way? Doing nothing that will give their man pleasure in their never-ending war against the patriarchy.

Nicah the Queen

Why is their reaction noteworthy for us normal human beings? Because we need to investigate the root to understand why the fruits are so bitter. And that is what we are here for because it will help you understand why you must never listen to a self-admitted feminist about life and love.

Nicah the Queen Regrets Losing Dr Ofweneke

Nicah the Queen is a woman with a man. Despite the fact she has three children, she has still managed to get herself a man who is by all accounts doing well in his profession of choice. But what about her contemporary single mothers? They are still stuck in the cycle of looking for love and not realising that their attitude is the reason for their extended singlehood.

Nicah ‘Jesus Girl’ looking hotter than ever

They are morose and unwelcoming, they are always sulking and want to flagellate a man for the sins of his predecessors. As a result, they only ever attract the type of men who hunt for wounded and broken women: predators. The type of men who strike fast and hard and then melt into the night once they have sated their carnal curiosity. The woman is left feeling cheated as she had probably build castles in the sky and now she is left clutching at straws.

And Nicah reminds them of this. When they see her, they see all the chances they might have had but missed out on while they were young and chasing after exciting men. Now they are stuck with a child or three who they feel impede their quest to finally find a loving man. Meanwhile, this woman is showing off the type of activities they wish they could do for a man -any man.

Nicah the Queen with her man holding her from the back

This angers them to no end and because they cannot go after her man, they instead focus their vexation at the gospel artist who is well known and has had some famously catastrophic relationships. How can fate favour one to the extent that they are allowed a do-over while other “more deserving” women are denied the same?

But I can only hope that Nicah sees through the hate these Medusas spew her way and actually continues to nurture her relationship with her man. Aslong as he continues to prove himself worthy.

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