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Why no serious man would date Carol Sonnie right now

March 07, 2022 at 16:45
Why no serious man would date Carol Sonnie right now

Carol Sonnie is back in the dating field and from the look of things, she has already landed herself a man who is eager to please and impress her. She even shared a photo of a date they had gone on this past weekend.

Carrol Sonnie hints she’s found new love months after ugly split with Mulamwah

But I have to pause and ask just what type of man would take her seriously especially in the aftermath of her fallout with Mulamwah because he has revealed a lot of things that any sensible man would stop and ponder, more so a top tier man.

Exes: Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie

You see, Carol Sonnie and her former lover had a major fallout that was centred around the paternity of their child and the allegations that she had been unfaithful to him while she was with him. These are’t the sort of things any sensible man would take lightly because as my mentor often tells me, a man should be as concerned about a woman’s past as women are about a man’s future.

“I have no regrets” Mulamwah speaks on deleted video where he exposed baby mama

And as such, the number of men she has ben with and the quality of her past relationships (when that information is available) is very important for any man to consider because nothing willwarn him of what to expect quite like patterns and history establishes patterns.

So Carol Sonnie has managed to land herself a simp -and he is truly a simp -unless he is the real father of her child- and she is flaunting him without realising that the rest of us are just seeing a goofy man. We aren’t envious of him, if anything, we are just laughing at him and wondering when his time will be up and how badly that relationship will end. Will it implode or explode?!

Carol Sonnie refutes denying Mulamwah access to daughter says – ‘he last visited when she was 2 months old’

Think about it. This man is willing to play step daddy? I mean, sure, there are many men willing to play this role but most of them either cannot get the type of women they desire or are misfits who are going to victimised the children… Yeah, I said it. And evolutionary psychology backs up what I have said. Or you could just decide to ignore this very well studied phenomena at your peril and that of your children.

Or perhaps it is the idea of being with a woman who has exhibited very poor impulse control: Muylamwah had stated that he and Carol Sonnie started having issues because she wanted him to splurge of her and that was not something he was capable of doing. Or maybe it is down to the fact that she is an alleged cheat… Who stepped out on her relationship without using protection.

“Ajue Baba Mtoto ni Mama” Carol Sonnie claps back after Mulamwah’s recent exposè, reminds him he was never her type!

Whomever this simp is, he is nothing we haven’t seen in Kenyan men. Afterall, she is still a very attractive young mother who can be a fun time for any moan willing to take his turn but if you or any of your brothers want to take her seriously, then you’re a fool.

She needs to take the time and do the required work in order to heal. She cannot just jump right back onto the saddle with her trauma and injuries (a lot of which she caused herself with her recklessness) and think things will get better with a different man. She is the greater common denominator in her failed relationship so the monkey is still on her back. She needs to get better and take the time to vet her suitors. If not, Carol Sonnie will become the latest toy men in Nairobi with a fetish for celebrities play around with and then dump and that didn’t go too well for Betty Kyallo so why would it play out any differently for her?

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