Why Noti Flow involves us in her sexual lifestyle

Noti Flow is a Kenyan celebrity who is more renowned for her sexual activities than she is for her music. And that is by design -a terrible one but it is still the design.

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You see, she falls into the group of female celebrities who think that their only value lies in making themselves sexual objects for their adoring fans. And while this is part of the design, it isn’t its entirety but it would seem no one told her of this fact.

Noti Flow serving fans with thirst trap image

Noti Flow gave up in being one of the most renowned and popular rappers. She gave up on consistently putting out music. Instead, she decided to be a living thirst trap. Essentially just a meme known for her sexual orientation than her art.

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And that is truly sad. She came onto the scene when there was a dearth of female Mcees and artists. She would have been able to establish herself the same way Femi One did even though the latter came… Well, later.

Noti Flow
Noti Flow only gets around low value men

Nah, she decided to focus on telling us about who she is involved with and the ups and downs her relationships experience. So as a result, we are dealing with a woman who should be a rapper but is actually just an influencer without the dynamic content required to captivate an audience.

Noti Flow flashes nipple as she dares to bare in see-through bra (Thirst trap photo)

And her fans are left wondering where her music is. And as a result, Noti Flow gets a paltry 7,000 listeners on Instagram. Meanwhile, her contemporaries like Femi One have double her figures.

Noti Flow
Noti Flow takes risque photographs because she is surrounded by enablers

It would make sense if she made the full transition into becoming an influencer or she decided to actually set up a YouTube channel and go the whole lifestyle vlogger route. But she’s half in and half out. And rather than create solid content, she simply tells us when she is dating Colonel Mustafa, when she abuses him physically and when she has moved on to living as a member of the LGBTQ brigade. then from there the weird antics of unfollowing all the people she follows and making lame excuses for her actions.

Why Noti Flow will never date a man again

All of this reeks of a lack of direction. For how long do you think her thirst-traps will captivate young men? I mean, I like a good scintillating photo like the next man but not when that is the only stuff on my timeline.

Noti Flow

And Noti flow is experiencing the effects of the surge of such content from every other campus girl. And then there is Chaturbate and Only fans so she definitely cannot compete. It would be unsustainable.

Noti Flow is the toxic one

But she is clinging to the only thing she knows. The only model she was taught. And that has no sustainable future. But now you know why she keeps us informed about all her intimate details.

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