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Why Omar Lali being given a stipend by Tecra Muigai was powerful

March 11, 2021 at 11:33
Why Omar Lali being given a stipend by Tecra Muigai was powerful

Omar Lali and Tecra Muigai are back in the news and the reason for this is that her family is holding an inquest into the death which rocked the entire nation.

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Tecra had met her untimely death in April 2020 while she was staying with Omar Lali, in Shela, Lamu, and he mother, Keroche Breweries CEO has spoken saying she wanted justice for her daughter even as she testified that bank records showed her daughter had sent millions to Omar Lali’s account.

Omar Lali

Omar Lali when he was detained

The prevailing societal sentiment seems to be looking at Omar Lali with suspicion but I would argue this is all due to societal structures and class dynamics as Omar Lali is an older man who is from the wrong side of the tracks while Tecra was the daughter of one of Kenya’s biggest indigenous industrialists.

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Mirroring this sentiment, Tabitha Karanja, her mother, said she found it strange that her daughter was paying the bills for a man who was fifty years old at the time of her daughter’s death while her daughter was young enough to be his daughter.

Omar Lali, Tecra Muigai

Omar Lali and Tecra Muigai in happier times

But I am of the opinion that these circumstances seem strange only because of the question of social acceptance. What I mean by this is that we as a society expect certain things out of men and women and thus when they are in an unusual relationship such as Omar Lali’s and Tecra’s, we smell a rat.

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We will find out whether theirs was an unhappy relationship through the inquest. As the witnesses being called in will attempt to paint that picture through their testimonies. I would however argue that it was a happy one, all things notwithstanding.

Omar Lali, Tecra Muigai

Tecra and Omar in happier times

Why do I say this? Because for starters, he had nothing to offer her in way of resources. He has no money that would turn her head and she was a young beautiful lass who turned a blind eye to all the men society and clearly her family deem age-appropriate for her to land with a beach boy.

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Understandably, there was a lot for him to benefit from their relationship but from everything we are being told, he had actually focused entirely on their relationship. To the point where when they fought and he got kicked out of the house, he would sleep on the verandah.

Tecra Muigai

Tecra Muigai turns 30

Could it be too far-fetched for us to imagine this was something similar to all the romantic fairytale stories we grew up reading? Omar Lali and Tecra Muigai might actually have been happy and we are simply too jaded as a society to accept this. In see the fact that she would give this man a stipend as a powerful expression of love. She came from abundance. Why not share some of that with the man she loved? It’s the mentality of  “if I have, you have”.

Whatever the case may be, God bless the dead.

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