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Why Pastor Kanyari is looking for young woman who can give birth to 4 kids back to back

January 13, 2023 at 10:56
Why Pastor Kanyari is looking for young woman who can give birth to 4 kids back to back

Pastor Kanyari says he has not remarried yet after losing his first wife Betty Bayo to another man; and seeing that it has taken him 5 years to think of moving on – means his feelings were brutally hurt by Ms Bayo….but si ni life.

Anyway his close friend Pastor Nganga has however offered to find his minister friend a wife from Neno Evangelist church where he claims there are many good single women looking for a husband. Speaking on this Kanyari opened up saying;

Bayo with former husband, Pastor Kanyari

Pastor Ng’ang’a is insisting I get married but I am not settled to marry. He wants to preside over my wedding

However having another man help him find a wife is a call for concern – because it clearly shows Kanyari doesnt really know why he wants a woman in his life…or what use he would have for her…and believe his main reason to think of a wife will actually leave you shocked.

Why he thinks he wants a wife

Now that time is moving fast and everyone is getting older, Kanyari says all he would want is a young woman who will give him 4 kids back to back….

Yea, yea your man of God is looking for a baby making machine that will give him offsprings without a break and seeing that women don’t lay eggs like birds and sit on them to hatch…I can’t literally hold myself back from saying WTF.

If I get a lady who will give birth to four children in a short time, it will be a good thing

But then again we’ve seen the likes of Wa Jesus, Bahati’s and others pull same stunt….so yea – maybe Kanyari needs himself a slay queen who will sit and have kids while he provides for her.



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