Why Pritty Vishy posted bikini photos

Image: Pritty Vishy

Pritty Vishy decided post a photo of herself in a bikini and let’s face it that photo was heavily edited. No, seriously you can see just how heavily edited the photo was by looking at the area around her thighs; amount of distortion within that photo was insane and we really do need to celebrate the photographer and editor or said photos because he clearly had to deal with a lot of work.

Pritty Vishy showing what confidence looks like as she steps out in bikini

Dad said and done, what is of particular interest is why she decided to post such photos of herself. The simple answer would be that she is clout chasing but I believe there is more than that when you scratch beneath the surface.

Pritty Vishy parades curves

That is to say that Pritty Vishy has an underlying reason for why she posted these photos that is an even bigger driving factor then her trying to remain relevant. Don’t get me wrong, she’s doing it so that she can remain top of mind because let’s face it, she doesn’t exactly have a talent to rely on an like her ex, Stevo Simple Boy, who is even the reason why we know her.

Pritty Vishy apologizes for introducing someone else’s boyfriend as her own

I’d argue that the main reason why Pritty Vishy chose to post those photos is she is signalling section availability for potential mate. Today’s, she has come to realise that she had it good while she was with her ex and no one else has worked in to save her from her loneliness. Overvalued her dating market value and thought that she would easily snag a guy. Sadly when reality set in she realised no one wants her for anything more than a quick romp.

Pritty Vishy

She isn’t exactly a faithful partner as she herself corroborated the story that she cheated on her head several times simply because he is a religious conservative who wanted to wait till marriage to engage in sex. At the time of her celebrating this, she thought she was doing the most by humiliating him.

Pritty Vishy mocking Stevo Simple’s new wife proves she feels threatened

And where things got complicated is that one she tasted fame, Pritty Vishy decided that she was no longer going to date men within her socio-economic levels. Think about it, a woman who was born and raised in Kibera tasted film and has now been around men who are not just successful at their craft but I tried celebrities: She has now deluded herself that that is the calibre of men she deserves. However, the outcomes are showing her a different story. This is Delusion not only born out of hypergamy, but proximity to these celebrities some of whom even used her to chase their own clout.

Now she’s stuck because she doesn’t want to accept her reality. She doesn’t want to believe that she is not deserving of that outcome. So in her desperation she has started advertising has sexual availability by posting photos of her skimpily clad in swimwear. This strategy will not work but who are weed bust her bubble?

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