Why Pritty Vishy will never move on from Stevo Simple Boy

Image: Pritty Vishy with bae, Madini

Pritty Vishy is still hung up on her ex and things don’t look like they are about to get better for the lass who is obsessed with everything Stevo Simple Boy does.

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How dare we make such a bold statement? Well, that is because whenever he does or says anything, you can be sure that she will react to it either passively or actively. She will either send subliminal shots at him or she will call him out straight up.

Pritty Vishy with younger sister

And we saw this recently as she reacted to the news that he has met his fiance’s family. Yup, and she went out of her way to do so. She was modelling a dress that she is advertising and she sent a subliminal dig at the happy couple.

Pritty Vishy is delusional thinking she made herself a star

Why would Pritty Vishy do this nonsense? It is because she is still keeping tas on her ex and following his life as he lives it and she still has feelings invested in him whether or not they are together.

And I want to remind you that Pritty Vishy admitted that she was cheating on her man while they were together because she didn’t want to wait for marriage -a stipulation that Stevo Simple Boy had set for himself and any partner he will be involved with.

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And we have to struggle to remind ourselves that she is actually with a different man, Madini Classic who for all intents and purposes is a step up from her ex so why is she still fixated on him?

It could be because her relationship with Madini Classic is a farce. It is a publicity stunt. Or maybe she is just sprung on Stevo Simple Boy. Pritty Vishy doesn’t want to see her ex succeed with a woman who too is a big step up for the rapper -a monumental upgrade.

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Atleast her fans call her out for her toxic BS. Atleast it tells me that not all Kenyans pander to celebrities.  And they are right, she needs to let Stevo Simple Boy move on with his life and forever thank him for even dating her because that is the only reason any of us know who Pritty Vishy is.

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