Why Sakaja’s Ban On City Night Clubs Was Worth It

Nairobi governor, Johnson Sakaja, on Friday, November 25, banned night clubs from operating in residential areas.

Sakaja cancelled the licenses issued and ordered his officers not to renew the permits for the aforementioned facilities.

“Those already issued are hereby cancelled, and the establishments may continue operating as bars and restaurants only.

“Henceforth, nightclub licenses will be issued to premises only within the Central Business District and specified streets in other non-residential areas,” he added.

In addition, Sakaja revoked licences for nightclubs and wines and spirits joints operating in residential areas to curb noise pollution.

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Sakaja’s Shrewd Move

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The city governor’s move has of course, been supported by some, while others have denigrated the move. But to put things in perspective, the move will curb a couple of vices around the city. To begin with, the most obvious thing is noise pollution. Who doesn’t deserve a peaceful night sleep free of noise? Most of the night clubs won’t give you this peace.

Additionally, the city clubs promote theft around the residential areas. In the recent past, there has been a lot of city theft. And there’s no doubt that the hooligans target around clubs and the people residing around them. It was definitely a wise move by him to ban the night clubs in residential places.


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