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Why Sanaipei Tande is busy telling the world about her younger dating days

November 16, 2021 at 15:22
Why Sanaipei Tande is busy telling the world about her younger dating days

Sanaipei Tande has been going around telling whoever will listen about her dating options when she was younger -there is no one in her life currently trying to pursue her like they used to.

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Well, that might not entirely be accurate because I have seen the way Kenyan men’s standards are at the basement but one thing is certain, she is reliving the highs her younger dating days had given her.

Back in the day, Sanaipei Tande was among the hottest, most sort after ladies in Kenya. She was dating Esir’s cousin, Andrew Manga and they were a very mismatched couple. On the one hand, she was a very talented artist with the world in the palm of her hands while he was a middling rapper whose only true claim to fame was the fact that the late Esir had put him up on game.

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She was tall and hot. He was short and though he was handsome and from a well off family, he wasn’t exactly the most hardworking artist. You could tell she wanted to make a name for herself but he was literally making music for shits and giggles.

Sanaipei went on to feature on some amazing duets and collabos but her solo career never really took off. Why that is does not interest me for today’s topic. Why we are discussing her is that she is talking about her younger days -the good all days when men were busy throwing themselves at her.

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There was a time when she was the hottest cake on the shelf and every bachelor (let’s face it, even married men) were trying to get with her but to no avail. She seemed like the elusive catch that though many coveted, only one managed to have wrangled -Andrew Manga.

While at the time there was no real way of knowing whether or not it was a decision that would pay off, time has proven that her decision on who to date was a terrible one. He was the type of manchild who refused to leave his father’s house in Nyari for the longest time and this is a huge indicator of just how serious a man is. She should have been on high alert about this.

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Then as time went on, she finally decided to leave the relationship. Sanaipei Tande was finally a free woman. However, as happens with a lot of pretty young things, she began putting on weight and gravity was taking its toll.

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But in came Maina Kageni. He wanted her to have a baby for him. His baby. This came as a shocker because a lot of people were unsure as to whether or not this was a stunt given the rumours about his proclivities and orienta… Just rumours really.

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Sanaipei Tande for her part did not seem to have taken the offer seriously even if he had promised to make her a housewife with a healthy stipend. Whether or not this is a smart decision on her part remains to be seen but I suspect she is regretting it because of how much she is rehashing and retelling this story years after she originally spoke about it.

She is also reminiscing about the men who were blowing up her social media offering her gifts for the chance to have her hand in marriage because those offers have dried up and she was caught unawares. And I suspect she is regretting not having agreed to settle down with one of her many suitors. She is currently aware that the calibre of her admirers is quickly declining as her sexual marketplace and especially her dating marketplace value plummets.’

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There is a lesson there for young celebrities. Many of Kenya’s celebrities only ever settle down once they are no longer spring chicken -or, alternatively, they simply become jaded single mothers constantly whining and crying about how Kenyan men are deadbeat dads.

I do not envy Sanaipei Tande, a star who knows her best days are long behind her and she can no longer attract the type of men who used to excite her and she has no one to blame but herself.

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