Why self-confessed prostitute Shakilla will struggle to move on

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Shakilla is the topic of conversation and for good reason. In a recent interview with Xtiandela on his Instagram Live, she opened up about her alleged sexual trysts with various Kenyan celebrities and added the shocker; she charges for sex. Xtiandela was as shocked as I am. He kept asking her how a young lady from a middle-class family would consider prostitution as a side hustle. She is a student at an expensive private school would moonlight as a commercial sex-worker.

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Now, with Shakilla’s admission, one has to wonder whether she has taken into account just how her life will be affected by such a statement. Such a video and such a claim. I would like to tell her to look to Corazon Kwamboka for an example of how such allegations can dog one throughout life.

Jalang’o with teen socialite Shakilla

Corazon Kwamboka was also a trollop. She used to celebrate the fact under the guise of being a socialite. And on that, you can quote me because I am quoting her father. Yes, her father came out and admitted that he was aware and ashamed of the fact that his daughter, his little girl had grown to become a trollop. As a result, Corazon who is an advocate (wait, has she been to Kenya School of Law yet?) cannot possibly be seen representing clients. The reputation she built for herself is a problem for her.

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And that is what is in store for Shakilla. She will graduate and move on with her life and the reputation will follow her like a bad stench. She will be in interview rooms trying for a job she wants, a career she dreams of and her reputation will stink up the place. Assuming she does indeed get the job, now she will have colleagues, and especially with the way the Kenyan job market is set up, her bosses will expect her to still be plying her trade. Sex will become her assumed currency.

Socialite, Shakilla

Shakilla is going to have to deal with the ramifications of her nonsense from her family aswell. Now her kith and kin know she is a trollop. But family defends family. But when she finally decides to settle down, no high-value man will want to claim her as his. No man who has ambition bigger than his breaches will want to have her by his side or even raising his children. And if she does meet a simp (she definitely will meet a weak-willed man who wants her to be his. But what happens when she has to invite her man over to his to negotiate dowry? Her family will be humiliated in the process of negotiating.

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Can you imagine what would happen when Shakilla is married? Her husband’s friends will not respect her and I can foresee a clown tucked somewhere who would actually try to buy her body even though she is married to his mans.


Watch this space. We are about to see a more mature Shakilla in the next few years attempt to change her reputation and she will get angry at anyone who dares repeat her own words to her. But as they say, the mouth shall eat itself.

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