Why Size 8 and DJ Mo need to quit their reality show

We have to stop and ponder as to what Size 8 and DJ Mo are doing to their union just for the sake of views. Is their reality show an accurate depiction of their union or is it a troll for the sake of views and eyeballs?

Trouble in paradise? DJ Mo unfollowed by wife Size 8 after allegedly cheating with sexy TV host

That is the question I find myself asking as I read reports that their marriage is on the rocks, scandalized by allegations of infidelity on DJ Mo’s part. The allegations have always surfaced periodically with the last time, it being alleged that DJ Mo had compromised his marriage and though the whispers came from seemingly credible sources, Size 8 decided to save his face and agreed to salvage their marriage.

DJ Mo and Size 8
Size 8 and DJ Mo are the subject of a recent expose by Edgar Obare

According to Edgar Obare however, it is claimed that the two are currently in the same situation and the couple has even stopped following each other on social media. One has to wonder whether -if the rumours are credible- this is the end of their marriage and whether ndeed the pursuit for ratings and eyeballs on their reality show is what is causing all of this.

“Marriage is starting to feel like a lot of work!” DJ Mo giving up on wife, Size 8?

You see, whenever you see couples open up their lives like Size 8 and DJ Mo have done, things more often than not do not end up at the “happily ever after” part. It has a lot to do with the pressure that comes from prying eyes. That pressure makes people approach situations without any aspect of vulnerability nor how they normally would were they behind closed doors. You see, if you’re in a similar situation as the couple, if you were going to breakdown and have an emotionally naked conversation, you can’t for fear of how the audience will perceive you.

DJ Mo and Size 8
Celebrity power couple, Size 8 and DJ Mo

Also, another thing to note is the fact that DJ Mo is a man in his prime and that is always something that would put strain on his marriage with Size 8. Now add to that the fact that the added attention he is getting from women who watch their show and see him do nice things for his wife and pre-selection gets put on a steady diet of steroids and women of all walks of life and shapes bumrush him with their attention, unwanted or otherwise.

DJ Mo and wife, Size 8 open up about their life achievements on ‘The Hope’ issue on Parents magazine

The fact that I mentioned earlier that they are no longer following each other on social media is usually a telling sign that things aren’t going well and it works well especially for millennial couples and younger, subsequent generations.

Anyway, I can only hope that if they are indeed having troubles in their marriages, they will have the common sense to take a step back from the audiences and cameras and focus on their marriage in privacy. Because let’s face it, we as young Kenyans -especially if you happen to be a gospel fan and Christian- really need this marriage to work out.

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