Why Sonko Wants to Transfer Kimani Mbugua from Mathare to Mombasa Rehab

On Wednesday, former Nairobi County governor Mike Sonko visited former Citizen TV journalist Kimani Mbugua at Mathare Hospital, where he is currently admitted.

In a Thursday morning statement, Sonko, a wealthy businessman, revealed that his visit aimed to check on the progress of both Kimani Mbugua and former NTV journalist Eunice Omollo.

Sonko mentioned that he managed to see Kimani Mbugua, converse with him, and share a pleasant moment.


Sonko has offered to take Kimani Mbugua to rehab

“I visited Mathare Hospital with Oga Obinna and Kimani Mbugua’s family to check on their recovery progress. We were warmly welcomed by the medical team attending to them, who updated us on their condition. Eunice Omollo was receiving treatment in the women’s ward during our visit, so I only managed to interact with Kimani Mbugua. We had a good time reminiscing about past interviews and discussing his current struggles,” Sonko shared on Twitter.

He accompanied his statement with a video of himself at Mathare Hospital, engaging cordially with Kimani Mbugua.

Sonko emphasized his plan to transfer the young journalist, who has been battling mental health issues, from Mathare to the Mombasa Women Rehabilitation Center, believing that a change of environment would aid in his recovery.


A furious crowd that interrupted Andrew Kibe’s TikTok Live event is subdued by Sonko.

“Kimani Mbugua has contributed significantly through his work, and it’s our turn to give back with hope, love, and care. We were highly impressed by the hospital’s leadership and the professional healthcare workers. Therefore, even if we transfer them to Mombasa, it will be for the purpose of changing the environment, which can greatly contribute to recovery. This is why I decided, together with the family, to move them to the Mombasa Women Rehabilitation Center, where Conjestina Achieng is, to see if this change will benefit them,” Sonko explained.

The former governor reiterated his support for both Kimani and Ms. Omollo in their recovery journey and wished them a speedy recovery.

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