Why supporters believe Edday Nderitu and Samidoh are back together

Kenyans strongly believe that Mugithi singer Samidoh Muchoki and his first wife Edday Nderitu have reconciled. Yes, you read that correctly.

The singer is currently enjoying his time in the United States and doesn’t show any inclination to return to Kenya anytime soon.

The father of five recently shared a video of himself driving a car, dressed warmly for the cold weather.

Keen-eyed fans quickly noticed that the white marvin he was wearing closely resembled the one his estranged wife, Edday, had worn a few days earlier.


Additionally, they pointed out that the car Samidoh was driving appeared to be almost identical to the one featured in a video by Edday earlier.

Fans inevitably went into a frenzy in the comments section, speculating that the famous ex-couple had reunited.

Eddy Nderitu Fans kofia ya wife 😂

ann 🇰🇪 this y i love edday everything is private 🥰🥰🥰

neima Suleiman aki samidoh stay with your family please

carolyn sean💞 samidoh is the driver🥰

Eddy Nderitu Fan God is in this story

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