Why Tanasha Donna publicly referred to Diamond Platnumz friend, Juma Lokole as ‘Giiirl’

Image: Tanasha Donna

A lot has been said about Juma Lokole and of course his sexual orientation has always been a topic of discussion on social media.

Rumor has had it for years that Juma Lokole prefers men over women making him a member of the LGBT community. Although he refuses to address this, the fella has never been shy to share hints here and there!

However, it seems that Miss Tanasha Donna publicly outed Lokole’s sexual preference without his consent. This happened during their online bitter exchange that left the public informed on how lazy Tanasha was when it came to bedding Diamond Platnumz.

According to Lokole who shared this information during an interview; we now understand that Tanasha allegedly used to act like a slay queen.

Celebrity, Tanasha Donna

Tanasha was more of a slay queen. She was always talking about her music and taking the Tanasha we see out here to their bedroom. She would have left the stylish Tanasha outside and act like a woman.

Tanasha exposes Lokole

Having been around Lokole means that Tanasha got to see the real him, what he liked and who he was dating!

For this reason, the mother of one did not feel any need of keeping the fact that Lokole is a girl – but on the low down. Tanasha exposed this in her clap back where she also referred to Lokole as an empty vessel making noise on social media.

Miss Donna wrote;

Tanasha Donna

It’s sad how people have negative things to stay when they know absolutely NOTHING about you. Remember gossip is shared by the misinformed who always sound like fools, while creating ongoing drama & disorder ~ Translate that GIIIRL

Juma playing for the same team?

Although Tanasha exposed the guy while bitter fans can’t help feel that there is some truth around her post.


Well, this is because unlike most men who prefer wearing pants fit for guys; Lokole is always out dressed in women jeans – and neither does he hide it.

While going through the fella’s Instagram page, it’s easy not to notice that Juma is definitely playing for the same team; which leaves us at, how did he find out about Tanasha’s poor bedroom skills?

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