Why Tanasha Donna should give polygamy a shot

Image: Musician Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna is a strong woman “who don’t need no man”… Except that she does and we know this from her “thirst traps” that include her doing what she probably considers to be belly dancing.

Tanasha Donna reacting to Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu’s new found love? (Details)

And then there is the fact that she only ever truly makes headlines in East Africa when it is about her being linked to men -albeit superstar men such as Omah Lay.

Or perhaps it was because we were discussing the lack of new content and music from her. No, really, when was the last time Tanasha Donna released a song and did you care for it? Did you hear it radio or at the club? Because I understand that argument that hearing songs on the radio is no longer the mark of whether or not it is a hit (radio is dead) but the club? They HAVE to play the music everyone wants to dance to.

‘Polygamy Is Not For Me’- Tanasha Donna Tells Baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz

Now she’s back in the headlines over some comments she made regarding her ex, the father of her son, Diamond Platnumz. And it is all about the fact that she has once again reiterated her lack of enthusiasm for being a second wife.

“I trusted too much,” Tanasha Donna opens up on her biggest regret in life (Video)

Tanasha Donna is a very attractive lady and I am sure that a lot of men would be willing to take her and her son on and make an honest woman of her BUT the problem here is it’s not the type of men she wants.

What Tanasha Donna should learn from her Memphis performance

Let that sink in. The average fool on Twitter would probably chop his foot off for the opportunity to date her. Hell, he’d probably sell his mother into slavery for that chance but for some context, you need to be aware that the average Kenyan (or East African) man hasn’t seen any action since June last year.

Tanasha with rumored bae, Omah Lay

And she doesn’t have her eyes trained to find “average”. Remember that Tanasha was linked to a bunch of ballers (one of whom is said to have given her the BMW she drives (hail Edgar Obare) and Wizkid at some point was seen entertaining her after his concert was done and then there is Diamond Platnumz… Average men do not factor into her math.

Tanasha Donna is entitled for trying to force us to support her music

And that is why she needs to start accepting to be a second wife. Her religion, Islam allows for this and there is no top tier, high-value man who is going to take her seriously given the fact that she comes with baggage attached to her in the form of Diamond Platnumz’ son.

Omah Lay with Tanasha

Do you see Wizkid settling down with a single mother? What about Otile Brown? Actually, Otile is a simp so maybe he isn’t the best example.

Tanasha Donna responds after Risper Faith accuses her of failing to pay cosmetic surgery worth Ksh 850,000

But I am sure Tanasha Donna is still not at the point in her life where being a second wife is an option.. But she will arrive there soon enough. Youth -and by extension is beauty- is fleeting and that is the only thing she brings to the union -well, that and Diamond Platnumz son and whatever complications their relationship and co-parenting agreement brings with it..

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