Why Terence Creative is disappointed with Nameless for unveiling his newborn’s face so early

Comedian Terence Creative has expressed disappointment in how singer Nameless rushed to unveil his day old daughter’s face on social media. To him, this was not well planned nor well executed especially with how fans were excited to see his 3rd born – a baby conceived in their (Wahu and Nameless) early 40’s.

Well as we already know the power couple welcomed their 3rd baby just a few days ago and having taken about 9 years before adding another baby; believe me the Mathenges couldnt hold back from expressing their excitement amd fear since they’d been out of the game for a while.

Anyway unlike our favorite celebrities who hide their baby’s faces for a couple of months, the Mathenges unveiled it in just hours. Which is why Terence feels they wasted a good opportunity to exploit their daughter’s birth by creating content from it. He revealed this on a post shared on Facebook where he wrote;

Due to public demand, I will be impregnating my wife next week


Nameless sitawaste episodes kama wewe.Hii ingekuwa content creator wa kawaida kama mimi ingetoa episodes kadhaa

How Terence wpuld have done it

Well being a content creator – Terence Creative still couldnt believe how Nameless missed out on the best opportunity to make YT views.

So, explaining how he would have done it – Terence wrote;

Comedian, Terence Creative with daughter, Milla Netai

1. Babyface reveal 2. gender reveal episode 3. Delivery episode 4. First time breastfeeding 5. Leaving hospital episode 6. Baby meeting her siblings at home 7. First night at home with baby 8. Guess baby name episode 9. baby name episode 10. First immunization episode 11. Mum recovery- postnatal experience 12. Baby meeting grandparents for the first time after hospital.”

Despite expressing his regrets, he however congratulated Wahu and Nameless saying;

Yaani hizi episodes zote zimeenda hivyo anyway congratulations.

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