Why the DJ Fatxo case is really scary

By far the biggest story in the entire country is the murder mystery involving a popular Kikuyu vernacular DJ and artist, DJ Fatxo and 23 year old Jeff Mwathi.

Kenyans are convinced DJ Faxxo & friends are lying about 23 year old Jeff Mwathi’s demise

The late Jeff, unfortunately, met his Demise after a night out with the DJ and his friends and his body plummeted several stories to the ground from the house he had gone to with a DJ the three ladies his driver and DJ’s cousin.

Dj Fatxo

This murder mystery has catapulted DJ Fatxo 2 infamy and notoriety as his first reactions to water the happened seemed colours and uncaring but once the outfit had finally built up he changed his tune and tone and now sounds like someone who finally understands the gravity of the situation.

Late Jeff Mwathi’s family finally hopeful after CS Kithure Kindiki intervenes 

We are not going to go into the details as gory as they are of what happened what we are going to look at today is the fact that the situation has scared Kenyans who for a long time have taken it for granted that men are largely safe in our society. The one detail that is of interest is the fact that when his body plummeted his remains were found with the pants around his ankles. This has further served to heighten the morbid curiosity surrounding the case as not only was the killing a very brutal affair but now we have the added angle of a possible sodomy.

DJ Fatxo seems to be very well protected and Kenyans are waking up to the realisation that this is a terrible thing because he is an example of just how much the wealthy can get away with. Given that this is a murder investigation one has to wonder why he’s not behind bars yet as is customary to facilitate father investigations. This makes for a terrifying reality because it means in our shithole country the wealthy can get away with literal murder and then run to social media and post cryptic posts about the wages of sin being death.

DJ Fatxo should just shut up

Add to this the scary element that he was a young man who was hustling and was with DJ Fatxo because she believed him to be a potential client. So at this point, it’s becoming apparent that not only do we have to deal with corrupt politicians but we now have to deal with predatory members of our Society who will use any excuse to lower you to your violation and death.

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