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Why Victoria Kimani failed to connect with Kenyan fans

April 24, 2020 at 17:33
Why Victoria Kimani failed to connect with Kenyan fans

Victoria Kimani has been trying to break into the Kenyan market ever since she started her music career. Given how abysmally that has gone, I am pretty sure she and her team will try to argue this point but the truth is, for an artist to succeed, their home town/ country of origin/ ethnicity has to back them 100% or they will have to create a different home base.

Victoria Kimani started off her career while still based in America. And the type of music she did was decidedly Western. Add to this the fact that Kenyans really had no idea to even look out for her music and you can understand why it was a bit of a struggle for her to penetrate the market.

When she finally had gained some measure of renown, another problem presented itself. Victoria Kimani didn’t try to endear herself to Kenyans. She genuinely did not care whether or not Kenyans liked her or by extension, her music. That is why for a long time, the only way to introduce her was to refer to her as Bamboo’s sister.
Now contrast this to how Victoria Kimani endeared herself to Nigerians when she decided to take a stab at conquering the Naija market.

Victoria Kimani put in the work! Sure, she had a major record label backing her allowing her the kind of access to the connection she eventually garnered but she really put in the work.

Victoria Kimani adopted the Naijapop sound, she would use some pidgin in her songs, she would make an effort to be pleasant when she was out and about mingling with Nigerian entertainment bloggers and journalists. But whenever it came to Kenyans, she would be very caustic.

Address me in English. I don’t understand Kiswahili – Victoria Kimani

And soon enough she found out that while Nigerians are nice to her, they merely tolerate her. So when she put out a diss track attacking Tiwa Savage, Naija turned their backs on her.

Nigerians savagely attack Victoria Kimani for dissing Tiwa Savage

And now she is left without a home base once more. So what is there to do? That is the question we should be asking next after the thirst trap photos stop working.

Victoria Kimani leaves no room for imagination with her thirst trap photos!


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