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Why we all can’t believe Zari Hassan’s boyfriend is past age 25 years

December 28, 2022 at 14:55
Why we all can't believe Zari Hassan's boyfriend is past age 25 years

Honestly since Zari Hassan met her new you g lover, she’s been happier than ever and unlike before when many assumed she wouldn’t get over Diamond Platnumz – shock – cause I bet this woman can barely even remember her ex men, now that she is in love.

With that said, I cant also help but mention my excitement about Young, Rich and African season 2 which will be airing in pretty much soon; and my only reason for not keeping calm is because – Zari’s bae, Shakib will be among the young rich and famous Africans featured on the show.

So why the excitement? Well, you see Zari has been telling us that Shakib is 31 years old but looking at his latest photos….mmmh wacha tuseme Zari nikama anatupima. That boy man looks akienda sana 24 years but then again, we can only prove by having him share his thoughts in the reality show.

And chances are that Shakib will be the star of the show – just like his woman Zari Hassan….so yea another reason to watch the show.

Shakib and Zari serving couple goals

Before I forget – the two have been giving us sleepless nights with their new collection on couple goal photos on social media; but the only problem is….fans in the comment section can’t stop reminding Zari Hassan about her boyfriend being the same age as her first born son.


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