Why we are anticipating Willy Paul’s album Songs of Solomon

Willy Paul has announced the fact that he about to release his debut album years after he came onto the entertainment scene. This ofcourse bucks the norm of having a new artist showcase his talents through an album release.

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It is actually more accurate to say that this follows the well-beaten path of Kenyan and indeed African artists career paths. You see, African artists like Willy Paul really only do make money from their performances.

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This is down to the way the entertainment business was structured that denied guys like Willy Pozze their dues out of corruption and blatant theft of royalties.

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As a result, artists began to maximize the only aspect they had any control over; their live performances. That is why you will find artists with careers that span decades have a handful of album releases and even then, those are solely targeted at getting international renown and a shot at academy awards.

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But enough about that, let us focus back on Willy Paul. The guy is finally set to release his first album and it will be a thing to experience because not only is this a coming of age of sorts for him, it will allow fans to finally have a segment to place him in.

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You see, for the longest time Pozze has defined definition as his music has crossed genres and defied the confines of gospel or secular -a fact that he is embracing with the planned title of the album, Songs of Solomon which I guarantee you will be more than tongue in cheek.

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Willy Paul will also be releasing the album off his own record label which will allow him ownership over the royalties and complete artistic control which are usually big issues for artists because they touch on the monetary aspect as well as the expressive aspect respectively.

The tracklist is already out and the announcement of the album is simply awaiting Willy Paul to put a date on it but for all intents and purposes, we will finally get to see the range of his artistic chops.


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