Why we love seeing Nana Owiti’s body transformation

Nana Owiti has decided to dedicate herself to the gym and as a result, she is bearing the fruits courtesy of the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears she gave to the gods of the iron temple. Her body is stunning and one person who is truly appreciative of all her hard work is none other than King Kaka, her husband.

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Can you imagine what that does for their marriage? She is no longer a fat blob of inactivity but is now bristling with energy and looks great with her clothes on and off? I mean, that is quite something for a couple that has been together for so long.

The truth of the matter is that though this might seem like a controversial talking point for today’s snowflakes and feminists, the truth is that both a husband and wife have the responsibility of keeping themselves sexually attractive for their partner.

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Besides that, the recent health scare that the couple courageously bore with King Kaka’s health failing him, Nana Owiti is being responsible by hitting the gym and ensuring she keeps herself hale and hearty.

While a lot can be said about the fact that the rapper, her husband, is in dereliction of his duties as the leader of his home as he should actually be leading the charge to live a healthy lifestyle, what will not stop us from celebrating her.

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The former TV personality is doubtless aware of the truth that she has a responsibility to stay as sexy as she possibly can for her life partner because their past has been rocked with an incident of infidelity in which the rapper sired a child by singer Sage Chemutai.

But at this juncture, she is sexy and her confidence shows she is aware of this fact. The best part about this is that it acts to keep Rabbit in check. She is now in a position of power in their relationship in which she can very easily replace him with yet another man should he make the same mistakes he had in the past. And that abundance gives her true power.

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Hopefully, she will also become a living testimony for young women and little girls who are inundated with garbage “body positivity” messages from celebrities such as Neomi Ng’ang’a and Sandra Adacha who are better suited to be poster-children for diabetes, high blood pressure and other obesity-related ailments and diseases.

Hopefully, she can start to share her training and dietary regimen for other women to copy and emulate so they can also become as sexy as Nana Owiti is. That would be a true jump in positivity for real body positivity.

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