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Why Women Are Considering To Date Younger Men

January 16, 2023 at 18:38
Why Women Are Considering To Date Younger Men

The slang ‘Mumama’ has become very popular among locals. It basically means an older woman. The term has been more pronounced by youngins who are interested in dating older women.

The latter has manifested itself among numerous celebrities. The likes of Zari Hassan, Diana Marua, Esther Musila have fiancés who are younger than them.

Zari is the renowned culprit. Her impeccable love for guys younger than her has been despicable as she’s never tardy to replace them whenever she breaks up. It’s easy peasy for her as she dumps one after the other.

Old Vs Young- Who’s Better?

Even though most women like Zari are heavily denigrated for their preference, they’re not stopping at any cost. In fact, she has made her preference known publicly.

So, why younger men? To begin with, their bedroom skills are just impeccable. And we all know just how important conjugal rights are.

Youngins bring some freshness into adults’ mundane lives. Bedroom encounter expectations are highly active and this increases their attractiveness.

Some women also opt for younger men just to be in control of the relationship. They’re more masculine & like things to go their way.

Younger men also create more time rather than the older ones. While some reasons may seem trivial, it’s needless to say every woman has their own preference & taste.


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