Why your favourite celebrities are silent over Maandamano Monday

Maandamano Monday is currently the trending topic of the day as the country’s official opposition has decided this would be the day when Kenyans would express their frustrations at the rising cost of living and the perceived failure of the sitting government.

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What is, however, very interesting, is the silence from all the celebrities who style themselves as thought-shapers and provocateurs. The often mouthy bunch of Instagram influencers and other celebrities have chosen to exercise their silence.

There is alot to be said about the current economic situation and the prevalent political discourse shows a hunger for such conversation but Maandamano Monday seems to have scared our celebrities.

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Perhaps its due to their lack of information so they have nothing intelligent to share. Or perhaps they are afraid of being victimized and sidelined by the sitting government which has shown an interest in cozying up to influencers.

It is especially interesting when you recall just how many Kenyan celebrities had attempted to make a play for elective seats ranging from MCAs to members of parliament.

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That means we would have the most informed conversations but we are faced with silence. Maandamano Monday would have meant most of these political aspirants have a platform to speak on issues affecting Kenya. Guys like Frasha, DNG (who actually won his elective seat as an MCA), Gabu etc.


Let us watch their silence and tomorrow we’ll be back to stupid fights about baby showers and gender reveals.

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