Why your Kenyan influencers are stealing online content

Kenyan influencer, Huddah was recently accused of stealing content and sharing it as if it were her own. She wasn’t the only one as Nancie Mwai too was accused of doing the same. Why are these guys busy trying to set fake IG standards?

Huddah Monroe Caught Faking Business Class Flight

That’s because the entire host of them are selling a dream that is unattainable even to them. The Kenyan audience wants to believe that our celebs are living la vida local. We forget that the realities of living in 3rd world economies affect us all.

At the same time, influencers like Huddah and Nancie Mwai want to be seen as living a lifestyle that’s head and shoulders above the rest of us. They want to be seen as globe trotting and are willing to do so even if it means they are jacking content.

Huddah says Kenyans complaining about cost of living just need to earn more

One could argue that this happens for the sake of companies. They want to be seen as of being of a certain class so when the companies come calling with some endorsement deals, they come with a complete bag and not some small cheques.

The problem with this approach is that when you get exposed for stealing content, it is not just humiliating but damaging. The brands that want to work with you now know you do not truly belong to the class you were aspiring to and as such do not talk to that crowd.

Only foolish women would listen to Huddah’s relationship advice

I don’t think Kenyan influencers care because few if any of them truly have the capacity to look into the future and appreciate how much of a blunder content stealing is until they either get outed or they lose their IG accounts.

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