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Why your sister is excited about Betty Kyallo’s relationship

July 23, 2021 at 09:30
Why your sister is excited about Betty Kyallo's relationship

Betty Kyallo is in a new relationship and she is looking happier after also losing some significant amount of weight. This ofcourse could raise the debate of what came first, the chicken or the egg.

Meet stunning man that has left Betty Kyallo acting like a teenager high-on-love (Photos)

But whatever the case may be, she is happy and seems loved up with her new man, a city lawyer by the name Nick Ndeda.

Betty Kyallo, Nick Ndeda

And every lady over the age of 35 is over the moon about the fact that Betty Kyallo seems to have found love. I was having a conversation with some friends and we dissected the reason why this is the case.

‘Tafuta mtu wako’ Betty Kyallo tells nosy neighbor who exposed her secret hookups with Nick Ndeda

Well, to be entirely clear, the sum total of the reasons why your sister is happy about her finding love is the fact that she is living vicariously through her favourite celeb.

Betty Kyallo

What I mean is that this entire situation is an anomaly. Usually, women over the age of 30 struggle to find love especially when they are single mothers or divorcees.

Betty Kyallo keeping her dating life private is smart

It only becomes that much worse when the lady is over 35. But the collective thinking informing your sisters’ excitement over this relationship is “If it can happen for Betty Kyallo, then it can happen for me”.

However, your sister is not willing to go for therapy to unlearn the habits she learnt dealing with the men she had in the past, she hasn’t dealt with the trauma and she is not willing to hit the gym to be the best possible version of her physical self.

Betty Kyallo proudly shows off cellulite and stretch marks in video as she parades her curves in bikini

Add to this the fact that Ms Kyallo has said she would want to get additional children but she is staring at the very real biological clock knocking some sense into her whims with the reality of a geriatric pregnancy waiting in the shadows to make their entrance. And your sister wants to hope that she too can overcome such a daunting obstacle to her happily ever after and actually having a family with the very unlikely man she will eventually land.

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