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Why Zari inviting Diamond Platnumz back into his children’s life is fantastic

May 28, 2020 at 18:42
Diamond Zari cover

Zari and Diamond Platnumz have had a storied history for such a shortlived couple. the two were the quintessential toxic couple. When things were good, they looked like they were on cloud nine. But when things started going south, the couple lived in and created hell for each other.

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Diamond Platnumz created hell by not caring about Zari who went into a whirlwind of trying to humiliate him by publicly dumping him on Valentine’s day. It can be argued that Chibu D had gotten what he wanted but was too cowardly to execute. But Zari continued her campaign of emotional harassment, and blame. we were treated to accusations of infidelity aswell as allegations of his being a deadbeat dad.

Diamond Platnumz children

Diamond and Zari´s kids: Prince Nillan (left) and Princess Tiffah (right)

The stories would change subtly from time to time to the point we found out Zari had moved into Diamond Platnumz’ home in South Africa. But make no mistake about it, Mondi too fed the fire, constantly taking digs at Zari by praising whichever woman had caught his fancy.

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And this was all taking a toll on both Tiffah and Nilan, the former couple’s children.

Diamond Platnumz

Bongo Flava sensation, Diamond Platnumz

And for years, the couple were at an impasse as Zari soon moved out of Diamond’s house and refused to allow Diamond Platnumz from seeing or talking to his children. The year 2020 however, has been a mixed bag for Diamond who cannot tour but has been granted access to his children.
That means that if he actually gets his act together, he will actually be a good influence on their lives.

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And this is actually a scientific fact as children who grow without their father’s involvement have abandonment issues. And for their children, this could manifest in a rebellious tendency that is caused by resentment of father figures and authority figures.

Zari Hassan

Attachment issues which could lead to an affinity to resort to anger as a baseline emotion. Also, kids from households without fathers form unhealthy attachments to their partners much later in life. And this is something Diamond Platnumz should be cognizant of especially with regard to his daughter Tiffah.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz to reunite after nasty breakup!

I was researching for this opinion piece but I am not going to paraphrase what I found. Instead, allow me to share with you what I found which diamond Platnumz should really hope to guard against now that Zari has given him this opportunity to be involved in his children’s lives:

Lack of paternal involvement has also been associated with a higher likelihood of being bullied and experiencing abuse (Allen & Daly, 2007). Educating uninvolved fathers and helping them play a more active role in their child’s life could benefit both families and communities. To bring this into focus, the present article aims to highlight ten adverse outcomes that may result from the absence of a father in a child’s life: (1) Perceived abandonment, (2) attachment issues, (3) child abuse, (4) childhood obesity, (5) criminal justice involvement, (6) gang involvement, (7) mental health issues, (8) poor school performance, (9) poverty and homelessness; and (10) substance use.

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I reiterate the earlier sentiment that Zari has done the right thing in allowing the children an opportunity to have their father, Diamond Platnumz in their lives.


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