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Why Zari returning to Tanzania was the best thing she could do for herself

February 08, 2021 at 11:53
Why Zari returning to Tanzania was the best thing she could do for herself

Zari returned to Tanzania with her children by Diamond Platnumz and this was done so they could get to spend time with their father. Unbeknownst to uys and indeed, to herself, she was actually doing something that would positively impact her life and we are already beginning to see proof of this.

Zari Claps Back After Being Trolled Over Her Weight

When she first landed in Tanzania, the people decided to take that opportunity to settle some scores with her. You see, Zari had some choice words for Tanzanian women. And it was the most uncomfortable time for Zari -atleast online but it now seems to have been a great decision for her to have endured that situation.


Zari Hassan

On the one hand, she gave her children some much needed time with their father and she also got to get some good graces from Diamond Platnumz and while this might not seem like much to you and yours, you need to understand that he is a garbage father so this will inject some energy in his participation in the children’s lives.

“Wachana na huyo house girl ” Zari to Juma Lokole

But the one biggest positive she got out of that difficult situation is that she got what looked like much-needed closure. And as a result, we have just seen her stop hiding her men and she finally decided to celebrate someone who looks like he is more than Zari’s confidant… She seems to have finally moved on.


Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

Zari is no longer using her men to compete with Diamond Platnumz. You realize that for the longest time, she has tried to show that her life is going better than Diamond Platnumz’. She has been trying to prove to us she had gotten men of comparable value. She was trying to show her life was as exciting as Mondi’s but we all saw through those lies and unfortunately, it just looked pathetic.

Lokole is being crucified for saying the truth about fat Zari

Now that she is no longer in competition with her ex and can finally focus on her happiness and that seems to be what Zari is doing. She isn’t trying to date younger, hotter men, she is going to men who love her and treat her well. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are built like sausages.


Zari with her and Diamond Platnumz’ daughter Tiffah

She was recently spotted entertaining one such man and from the smile she wore on her face, Zari is finally happy. The needless publicity stunts are gone and I fo one am happy to see that.

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