Why Zari’s co-parenting style is emotionally abusive

Zari and Diamond Platnumz are co-parents. The two were involved in a romantic relationship for a couple of years resulting in the births of Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. The relationship didn’t last long and after playing itself out in the public gallery, it soon imploded just as publicly. Zari shared a now-infamous black rose post on Valentine’s Day of 2018.

zari and diamond
Ex-power couple, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

The post saw her pull the curtains on her romantic dalliance with the star who by all reports had already moved on from their love, their marital bed and their familial bond, preferring Hamisa Mobetto’s bed. Zari was saving face and given just how solipsistic her fanbase is, she managed to convince them that she was the one who initiated the break-up.

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Zari then fled the house she lived in with Diamond and went to South Africa where she quickly got her children South African nationality and from there, she demanded Diamond be making the trip to South Africa to be seeing his children.
Diamond did initially do so, even allowing her to live in his house in South Africa but Mondi soon began to grumble about the cost and inconvenience of the matter, eventually requesting her to move back to Tanzania, a request Zari Hassan would hear none of.


Mondi eventually got fed up and started talking to Zari through his lawyers. Probably someone in his camp advised him to protect himself. Zari, during her interview with Millard Ayo, cited this as something that caused her irritation so she began to also demand that his lawyers talk to her lawyers rather than to her directly. She then began to run the narrative that Diamond is a deadbeat dad -all the while she would be posting content from the house he had allowed her to live in for the sake of his children.

Zari posing
South-African business mogul, Zari Hassan

This doesn’t absolve Diamond from his personal failing sand capabilities. Rather, this is an article about how Zari’s idea of co-parenting is witchcraft. Why? Because rather than facilitate the interactions between Diamond and his children, she ran to air his dirty linen in public. And ever the egotistical man, Diamond recoiled from the sting of public scrutiny. Things reportedly got so bad that when he declared he would be paying for 500 Tanzanian families their rent during the Covid19 pandemic period, she jumped in to attack the Tanzanian crooner about abandoning his children.

And speaking to this assumption of poor co-parenting skills, Zari allowed Diamond and his family to talk to his children and they were all over the moon at being allowed so special a gift by the children’s mother.
Let that sink in.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan finally settle their differences!

The truth of how abusive that fact alone is very clear once you swallow your dislike of who Diamond Platnumz or rather Abdul Naseeb Jnr is as a man, as a father. You have to admit that if co-parenting is to work, both parents have to be willing to make it work. That would mean Zari has to meet Diamond halfway. You cannot run to South Africa and demand Diamond comes all the way from Tanzania to see his children for a weekend or even a week. You cannot visit Tanzania and refuse to bring your children along with you to spend time with their father or his family. What sort of co-parenting witchcraft is this?
zari thirst trap

And ultimately, Zari has to remember that for better or for worse, it was she who decided to have children and settle down with diamond even though all knew too well just what kind of man Diamond Platnumz is.



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