Wife duties? Lilian Muli reveals how her husband likes his meals prepared!

Image: Lilian Muli with her community husband, Jared Nevaton

As the proverb goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

This simply means that many women have managed to win their men through their cooking skills!

However it is not every woman who likes to spend her time cooking in the kitchen!

Probably because most never learnt how to cool while growing up or others have house managers who can do that for them!

Lilian Muli shares a moments with her new lover

Well, Lilian Muli recently responded to a question posed by one of her fans who reached out asking the journalist to name some of the favorite meals she likes to prepare for her husband!

Muli’s shocking response

Well, turns out that Ms Lilian Muli is not a fan of cooking and unlike most wives she does not make any meals for her husband!

Lilian Muli reveals she will give birth to 3 more children

The lady revealed this to a fan who went on to ask;

Which is the favorite meal you like preparing for your hubby?

To which Lilian Muli went on to respond saying;

I rarely cook

Lilian Muli

We are not quite sure why she doesn’t prepare meals for her husband Jared Ombongi; but this could be because of her tight schedule and job that demands her for full attention!

Planning for baby number 3

One other important question Lilian Muli responded to is whether she will be having another baby soon.

Now that she has two boys to raise; one of her fans went on to ask whether she was planning on adding more kids to which she responded saying;

For now no


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