Will Jimal Rohosafi change his alleged toxic attitude towards women now that he has a daughter of his own?

I know I just did an article on Jimal and Amira reminding them that their beef is just too old to keep dragging the same issue over and over again. We get it, it was not only toxic but abusive which is why they should at least let this rest and focus ahead.

But before I wrote the piece, we had not learnt about Jimal’s newborn daughter and guys….the universe or rather God has a funny way of answering prayers. I mean – Jimal always wanted a daughter now that he has 3 boys….but at the same Jimal was said to be a toxic man towards his ex wife Amira. A woman.

So thinking about it now, I am pretty sure the dad of 4 will be treating his daughter as the princess she is…..and when older I am sure he will want the best for her in terms of who she marries or dates, right? And as most dad girls are – i am also sure he will be protective that no one hurts her.

Set example

But with the kind of attitude he has been having towards the women in his life….i.e getting Amber Ray and Wangari pregnant almost during the same time, not forgetting how he humiliated ex wife, Amira – all i can ask – would he want the same for his own blood?

Jimal with girlfriend Wangari Thiongo and newborn daughter

Of course not….but again – Karma is one of those things that show up unannounced, so why tempt it? Anyway now that he has a baby girl – hopefully Jimal will learn to value or even seek forgiveness to the women he mocked, used and abandoned.

Don’t get me wrong, all I am saying is that chances are that Jimal Rohosafi will learn to better through his daughter’s eyes – a lesson he will use to help mold his boys who have grown in a unfriendly environment – learning toxic lessons on how to treat women.

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