Will The ‘Maandamano’ Monday Protests Change Anything?

Yesterday, Kenya witnessed the influence of Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on netizens after the demos in some parts of the country went haywire.

The protests spread to other cities, with a university student reportedly shot dead in Kisumu.

Mr Odinga accuses the government of being “illegitimate”, and of failing to tackle the high cost of living. President Ruto rejected the claims.

Kenya’s highest court upheld his victory in last year’s election, but Mr Odinga insists that the election was “stolen”. He has been employing all means to make sure that his cry has been heard.

Kenya braces for protests against rising cost of living

He has been driving through Nairobi’s residential suburbs to rally his supporters and has vowed to organize weekly protests against the government.

But the big question is, will the protests really change Kenya for the better? Will the prices of products reduce? Will we get more subsidies from the Government?

From my perspective, it’s not really about going to protest on Mondays; but rather meeting the President and trying to solve things amicably. Soon, the protests will wreck havoc if they continue.

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