Will Vivian’s New Boyfriend Restore Her Trust & Sanity?

Image: Singer Vivian swells up

Singer Vivian has found new love after her nasty break-up with ex-hubby Sam West. Even though their reason for breaking up wasn’t clear, their mental health was on the edge as they spoke on their separation.

From Vivian’s end, she revealed that it is Sam West who dumped her after being together for more than five years.

“As adults, life is about choices. Everyone has a choice to be with who they want to be with. The person I was with decided to leave and there was nothing I could do.”

A while ago Vivian posted a short  throwback video of Sam West proposing to her a few years ago on live Tv at Citizen and followed up the video with a caption, “Ndio huyo Murife.”

Vivian said her husband’s departure caused her immense pain despite efforts to get through it.

Newly Found Love

Despite the nasty break-up, Vivian has been able to get a replacement for herself. She recently flaunted her new bae via Instagram; where she captioned;

”God brought you my way”

Vivian is yet to disclose any further information on her new boyfriend- neither has she shared the face of the guy. But the interesting thing is; there are paparazzi’s everywhere. And it’s only a matter of time before we get to know who the new catch is.

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