“Will you afford to maintain her lifestyle?” Bahati hits back at critics pushing him to divorce Diana B

So word making rounds on social media is that Diana Marua had a thing with Willy Paul before she met Bahati. However according to Diana B, there was nothing between her and controversial love artist Pozee; but claims he once tried raping her back in Syokimau…..and, let’s just say fans feel played by the ongoing scandal.

The Bahati’s

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Of course they’re those who believe Diana B’s side of the story, considering the number of times Pozee has been exposed by different ladies for his fisi ways.

However Pozee also has his supporters who believe Diana B played the rape card to hide the fact that she had a one night stand with Pozee; but si mlisema Nairobi ni one big bedroom? Ona sasa.

Diana B with hubby, Bahati

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Bahati on divorcing Diana B

Anyway with this scandal escalating, Bahati has come out to speak about his relationship with his wife; following the many mean comments pushing him to divorce Diana B. Speaking in a video shared on social media, Bahati went on to tell off haters saying;

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I want to state that I am not sorry to every hater outside there who wants me to break up with my wife… You want us to break up, then? Get a life.

Having gotten used to the flashy lifestyle, Bahati further went on to ask the haters whether they would finance her if he left her as advised. He said;

If I give you this girl, will you maintain her? Do you know how expensive she is?


They are saying we did all that for trends. You should also break up with your wife we see if you will trend.

Alaar…aki pesa na mapenzi wewe….anyway there you have it.

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