Willis Raburu assists DK Kwenye Beat shed weight after being fat shamed multiple times

DK Kwenye Beat has finally decided to shed off excess fat. The gospel star gained a lot of weight after his breakthrough in the industry.

DK vowed to do something about his weight after he was fat shamed multiple times by trolls. Some people were legitimately concerned about his weight as critics poked fun at him.

“I am not comfortable with my weight and the most annoying question people keep on asking me is, why are you fat? Most of the people who ask me this are not genuine. However, some are concerned about my health. I have started my weight loss programme, which entails a healthy meal plan and a workout plan,” DK Kenye Beat said during a recent TV interview.

DK Kwenye Beat at the gym
No sweat no gain!

DK has since hit the gym just like he promised he would. Willis Raburu and his fitness trainer are seen helping DK Kwenye beat with physical exercises in a video shared by the singer on social media.



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