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Willis Raburu gets new tattoo as a tribute to his late daughter

February 03, 2020 at 13:12
Willis Raburu gets new tattoo as a tribute to his late daughter

Willis Raburu has been torn for the past few weeks following his daughter’s demise just moments before she was welcomed to earth.

In one of his posts shared on social media, Willis Raburu revealed that his wife pushed out a still baby; meaning they did not get a chance to meet in person.

Rest In Palaces, RIP because you are royalty. – Willis Raburu´s letter to daughter in heaven

Having prepared himself to be one of the best dads ever seen, Willis Raburu has taken quite sometime to get over the fact that his daughter is no more.

New Tattoo

So far the journalist is not shy of admitting that life has changed in an explainable way – but the storm is getting lighter for both him and Maryaprude.

In remembrance of his baby girl, Willis Raburu has gone ahead to pay tribute to his late daughter by doing the most adorable thing that could tear up the toughest hearts.

Willis got a tattoo of his daughter’s arrival and death date on his hand. As seen on his Instagram, the tattoo also has what appears to be the letter of the name they had set aside to give her.

Willis Raburu’s tribute to his late daughter

It is indeed a hard experience but judging from how Willis Raburu has been moving; let’s say things are now getting better.


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