Willis Raburu on ex wife – “I forgave her a long time ago “

Willis Raburu is not angry with his ex wife Maryaprude who has been throwing shade at him since their breakup.

And i say this because time and time again, Willis Raburu has maintained his silence everytime his ex mocks him online and if not for that calmness – by now we would have witnessed a nasty fight between him and Maryaprude – that is judging from what she keeps saying about him on social media.

Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

Just the other day Maryaprude once again made it obvious that she dislikes her ex husband and as much as science says a woman carries her baby daddy’s DNA for 7 years after a pregnancy – Maryaprude made it seem like carrying Willis Raburu’s DNA is an abomination.

With the comment shared on almost every tabloid in Kenya – of course Raburu came across it and this is why he has responded with love now that its evident Maryaprude has not gained any closure since parting ways 2 years ago. Speaking on this for the first time, Raburu said;

Ex-couple, Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

I forgave my ex a long time ago; in life, you know you undergo different things, I am not one to hold something over someone.

Letting bygones be bygones

According to Willis Raburu, whatever happened between him and ex wife back in the day remains in his past – since dwelling in the past only causes more pain and denial which is why…..

Usibebe watu kwa roho

Which by the way is very true and if only people understood that love sometimes comes to an end and once this happens….you can’t force it on anyone.

But again, we also have to understand that Maryaprude not only battled with child loss which led to postpartum depression and having her husband replace her barely a year after their divorce landed with a thud – hence the bitterness we have been seeing from her.

So yea, as much as Willis Raburu may seem calm……Maryaprude wishes she too could handle her pain the same way – but again, she understands what it means to go through hell and back. How about we cut her some slack.

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