Willis Raburu vs Marya Prude: The difference between how men and women handle broken marriage

Image: Ex-couple, Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu and Marya Prude were dating ever since word spread that he and his ex had broken up under a cloud of suspicion of infidelity. In truth, the relationship started under that dark cloud but has since moved on and gone full circle.

“It felt like a stab wound to the heart,” Willis Raburu’s ex, Marya Prude speaks for first time since nasty breakup

You see, the two dated and then got married and the marriage between them has now ended -though they are still separated and not actually divorced. Willis Raburu on his part has maintained silence. It is Marya Prude who drops hints and snippets about the failed union that keep tongues wagging.

Willis Raburu's ex Marya Prude
Marya Prude Ngami slaying

So what happens at this point? Well, Willis Raburu keeps getting dragged in the mud for his chosen silence. No one is around to stand in the role of his advocate. Marya Prude, however, gains all the sympathies and even comes off as the aggrieved party.

With the way Marya Prude is healing, Willis Raburu’s marriage is truly dead

When she talks, she does so about her realization that marriage is a scam and she wouldn’t be too keen on getting married anytime soon. Or she talks about it not being a worthy endeavour to try and change an individual. It is actually a very telling way of saying what she thinks without having to say the words herself.

Willis Raburu and Marya Prude
The Raburus when they were still a couple

And this left me wondering. Why is it that when men and women end their union, the woman always goes out of her way to paint herself as the victim? Why is it never just the natural way of things to be left unsaid on social media and private between the couple?

New photo of Marya Prude that has left many ogling over the single babe

You don’t see Willis Raburu going around either trying to defend himself or demonize his ex-wife. You will however see Marya Prude posting little snippets on social media. At this point, it would make sense for the grown woman to either come out and say what she wants to say and stop being passive-aggressive or for her to simply remain silent.

Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu’s new hairstyle sparked controversy

It is almost asthough she forgets that she willingly exchanged vows with the man and now cannot act like she was surprised by what she had signed on for. She should have done the due diligence of finding out who the type of man she was marrying is.

Yet here we are, Marya Prude busying herself with playing the victim and refusing to take any accountability or responsibility on the matter. Instead, she lashes out with passive-aggressive blanket statements about marriage. At the end of the day, the fact that I agree with her on marriage is immaterial because she is the one who selected to make an investment without doing her due diligence. And we should not be making excuses for her.

There were two people in their union. Whatever happened, if there is blame to be apportioned, it should be done so equitably. Afterall, they had dated for over two years by the time she decided to finally settle down as man and wife.

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