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Willis Raburu’s beautiful letter to late daughter, Adana will leave you in tears

November 17, 2021 at 10:50
Willis Raburu’s beautiful letter to late daughter, Adana will leave you in tears

Willis Raburu must be one of the best dads out here and I think he knows it. Despite having been blessed with a bouncing baby boy 2 years after losing his daughter with ex wife, Maryaprude – the father of two still says he remembers his angel.

Well, just a few hours ago the BAZU entertainment CEO happened to share a new message we all believe was dedicated to his late daughter, Adana. Judging from what he wrote, looks like Willis Raburu still holds his daughter memory close to his heart and has not forgotten her.

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Willis Raburu’s tribute to his late daughter

In remembrance of her memory, the new daddy through his Instagram page wrote;

I love you Adana, forever in my heart. Daddy is always thinking of you. Make sure you make the laugh in heaven and make so much noise so they know who your daddy is.

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Willis Raburu – Father of two!

His post comes days after he introduced his 4 month old son to his family back in the village. Seeing how everyone reacted to photos of his son and granddad – of course Willis (maybe) didn’t want his ex wife to feel that he didn’t appreciate the child they had – but lost.

Willis Raburu with son

Speaking about his kids a while back – Willis Raburu made it know that he considers himself as a father of two – and that’s a fact no one or any situation would change.

It has however come to my attention while reading some of them that I am constantly referred to as a “Father of One” This however is not the case. As many of you know I lost my daughter Adana. For those who have gone through such loss, you know that it Never leaves You.


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