Willis Raburu’s ex Marya Prude resurfaces looking like a shnack after massive weight loss

Image: Marya Prude Ngami

Marya Prude has stepped out in what many would term a ‘revenge’ body, months after losing unborn baby Adana.

The lass who has come out public to prove she has healed from her past and whatever hurt her, no longer exists in her new chapter, has only been serving hot body goals with youthful looks that no one would ever imagine the babe carried a pregnancy for a good 9 months.

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After her massive weight gain, clearly seen during her vacation with ex, Willis Raburu in early 2020, a dear Marya has been on a mission to shed off that baby fat that has since left her looking like a young campus babe.

Marya Prude confirms healing process

This is after her recent photo, clad in a sassy, figure-hugging black dress, her face perfectly touched up, nails and hair well done and do I say, she is turning heads.

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Her post-baby body snapback

Her baby pouch is no longer quite visible as she embarks on a journey to get that wasp-like waist and just live life by her rules.

She spared the day to pen a long, emotional post, admitting how tough it has been giving self-affirmation, learning to accept her flaws and forgiving herself for the past however messy it was.

Marya Prude Ngami, Willis Raburu’s ex

Hinting that self affirmation has now become her daily morning dose and probably why the babe is now glowing, so full of life and looking much younger than her age.

“Say it even if you don’t believe. Words are powerful, it’s just a matter of time and you’ll start believing and becoming, she urged.

Ms Marya Prude Ngami

Her post attracted a lot of love and thirst from her fans who could not help but stare at the charming beauty. A sight to behold whose new chapter was nothing anyone saw coming.

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