Willis Raburu’s girlfriend explains why their baby was born out of wedlock

Women always have this idea of a perfect life where it includes marriage before babies; but the reality is, you’ll only find such scenes in movies; or wait, even movies are now avoiding to give their viewers such expectations as times have changed.

Willis Raburu’s new girlfriend at her baby shower

Anyway Willis Raburu and his new woman Ivy Namu have become the talk of town after their baby boy was born a few weeks ago; although this is a good thing – there are those who feel that Raburu may have acted desperate as he moved on really fast.

But again, why wait when time waits for no man; and again, didn’t he bag himself the perfect match, months after breaking up with ex wife, Maryaprude?

Willis Raburu sheds off 16kgs

I mean, things weren’t working between them, so why hold on?

Ivy explains why baby came first

Anyway, although Raburu’s relationship with Ivy Namu remains private to fans; the lovely new mum in town recently gave fans a chance to ask a question or two about her life.

With such an opportunity,  Raburu’s fans swooped in with serious questions such as; why they decided to have baby out of wedlock to which Ms Namu responded by saying;

Willis Raburu with son

Cause it’s my life & I do what I want, when I want and how I want.


Also hii life haina manual or one size fits all formula please

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