Willy Paul and Jovial: no one is buying their publicity stunt

Willy Paul and Jovial expect us to believe that they are dating… Yeah, we need them to understand that no Kenyan buys that hot mess. We can see right through this played-out trope.

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This isn’t the first time Mkunaji has been involved in this type of stunt. He was involved with an artist he was attempting to help breakout onto the scene that was signed to his record label, Saldido Records, Miss P and we all know how that ended.

And he isn’t even the only one who has been doing this type of publicity stunt by a long shot and Kenyans are already calling him and Jovial out for the rubbish. Willy Paul is clearly looking to publicize a new project he has.

‘Mtaachana Tu’- Fans React To Willy Paul- Jovial Relationship (Screenshot)

Think about how this entire thing has played out. First, he posts a comment thirsting after her. Then we see him make social media posts begging for the time of day and then they are together… And in love…

Willy Paul is clearly gearing up to release a song or perhaps the hype is meant to bring attention to the fact he has a matatu. Maybe he wants it to become the most popular matatu on the route he’ll choose to have it ply.

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And in the long run, this works to erode his brand. We will all begin to attach dumb stunts to his name and brand and this is something that his former mentors, DJ Mo and Size 8 are currently going through. Think of it as the tale of the boy that cried wolf… Eventually, no one will care to react to these stunts.

Willy Paul

Which will mean Willy Paul will have to dig deeper and deeper into his bag to make a splash and get attention. I really don’t understand why more Kenyan artists don’t follow the Nyashinski model of doing showbiz. He doesn’t stir unless he’s about to unleash something and even then, he lets his music do the talking.

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Anyway, let’s all just ride out this short-lived romance that will be over before a month is.

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