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Willy Paul Apologizes To Eric Omondi After His Diss Track- ‘Tuache Beef Za Ujinga’

December 08, 2021 at 12:30
Willy Paul Apologizes To Eric Omondi After His Diss Track- 'Tuache Beef Za Ujinga'

Kenyan musician Willy Paul and Eric Omondi might have finally settled their predicaments after the jester congratulated him for his latest song.

However, the reconciliation comes after Eric Omondi showed resentment for being mocked by Pozze in his diss track a day ago.

”Namwaga machozi nikiona Eric Omondi anaposti eti play 75% of Kenyan content, na kwa Instagram yake anapost 75% of Kenyan nonesense. The best decision yenye Miss Chanty ashai make kwa maisha yake ni kutoka kwa maisha yako yenye haina shape. Congratulations mamii, hii nyani haikuwa type yako.”

Eric Omondi retaliated by terming Willy Paul as a clout chaser as he wrote;

”Lazma munitaje ndio vitu zenyu zi work? Anyway am VERY HAPPY that my PLAN is working. The PLAN was to get you all WORKED UP/ ANNOYED and AGITATED and now that I have ALL of you in ONE BASKET…”

Willy Paul & Eric Omondi-Google

The Reconciliation

Pozze has been roped in to reconcile with Eric after he reposted his song and lauded it for meeting International standards;

”Hizi ndio vitu tunataka Kwa Industry. Watu wajitume kabisa. Naona Ulishoot Video Russia…Endelea hivyo hivyo. Mimi kitu tu nataka ni tuvuke ma Border na tuheshimiwe INTERNATIONALLY,” Eric shared.

Willy Paul responded and urged Eric to support artists and that they shouldn’t be beefing;

”Thank you my brother, btw tuache beef za ujinga na tuinue industry yetu vile umesema.. tufike International standards. Thank you for the support.. mimi beef yangu na wewe imeisha officially.. keep doing what ur doing manze. Keep supporting the industry… ”

Watch Pozze’s song below;


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