Willy Paul does it again! Asks Bahati to get a wife of his standards (Video)

Kenyan gospel rivals, Bahati and Willy Paul do not seem to be putting off their fire any time soon.

The controversial gospel kid, Pozze has again come out to blast Bahati for his lady-like voice and marrying a woman way above his league.

Bahati who is younger that Diana Marua has on several occasions been called mtoto wa Diana¬†with many holding to the belief that Diana is old enough to be the singer’s mother and not wife.

However, Bahati has always clinched on the mother to his kids regardless of the worldly noises.

Bahati and Diana Marua
Lovebirds, Bahati and Diana Marua

The Beef

Speaking of their beef during his interview with Jalang’o, Pozze clarified that they are good buddies before attacking Bahati for his soft voice.

Archenemies, Bahati and Willy Paul

According to Mr Radido, high chances are that; Diana rules in the house and orders Bahati around which is not typical of the African family setup.

Reason being:

There is nothing I want from him. I respect him as someone who has curved his own path to the top. But I’ll tell him to find something that can break his voice. When he’s with Diana in the same house, who do you think becomes submissive? Just that voice, is a no!

Singer Kevin Bahati

Unmatched genes

Before bragging about how many pretty ladies fall for him, attesting it to his seed that he termed “a blessing”.

Mi hukuwa tu na chemistry poa na wasichana warembo. Wengine wanakuja, I have lots of surprises ahead. If I chat with you in your DM and you go expose it out there, you must be stupid. Settle and let’s talk. My seed is a blessing!


It’s just that girls don’t know. A seed that comes from me to you, can completely change your life. Even if you get pregnant, you will give birth to a very intelligent and tough baby.

Willy Paul

Speaking of his family that is never in the limelight, the singer explained:

I am protecting them, I don’t want my family to be in the public talk. But my wife is the kind that is hard to find.

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