Willy Paul is cheapening his brand with all his stunts

Image: Willy Paul dishes out notes of cash under heavy security in Mathare (Video)

Willy Paul is one of the more successful artists in Kenya who actually makes money off his craft entirely, eliminating the need for a second job.

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And to say that he has come from far is to state the obvious. The young man is the product of one of the hardest slums in Nairobi, Mathare, and he grew up without a father.

But Willy Paul consistently churned out hit after hit and even after radio stations began attempting to sideline him, he somehow managed to gain popularity and have his songs played entirely using digital avenues.

‘The Word Of God Says, Forgive’- Willy Paul Pleads Size 8 To Unblock Him

And after all that hard work and surviving industry cartels attempting to knock off his crown, the young man is now beginning to cut down the strong mugumo tree his legacy and brand have become.

Willy Paul

And he is going to do that through the cheap stunts and fights he is picking on social media. Poze seems to be more focused on attacking everyone online rather than simply continue with his winning formula.

‘Nawapatia 23 hours Mniombee Msamaha’ Willy Paul Reiterates Exposé On Gay Artists

From attacking Size 8 for blocking him to threatening to out gay gospel artists, Bwana Mkunaji is partaking in stunts that we only ever see his frenemy, Bahati, do.

Willy Paul

And people are beginning to notice. People are beginning to call him out for the rubbish he is doing and one such person is Jalang’o.

‘It’s Disgusting’ Willy Paul Threatens To Expose Gay Artists Who Make Money Through $ex

The radio personality who is currently enjoying his moment in the sun made a very simple but pointed statement about Mkunaji, “Kwani haujui Willy Paul?”

Willy Paul

And that should be the wake-up call for the former artist. Let him get back to focusing on his record label, his music and creating TikTok videos before Kenyans decide that he is irrelevant.

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