“Willy Paul is drowning in depression” Friend begs blogger Edgar Obare to intervene

A lot has been said about Willy Paul in the past but everything about his life and brand changed after Diana Marua accused him of rape attempt; an incident she says occurred a few years back.

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The rape attempt story that has been making news since Diana Marua’s YouTube video is said to have ruined Willy Paul’s life – as he now behaves like an unstable man.

This was revealed by a friend who reached out to Edgar Obare hoping the investigative blogger would help shed some light on the issue as everyone seems to be siding with Diana Marua.

As seen on the screenshot, the friend says Pozee has been drowning in stress and is currently depressed to a point of committing suicide if not helped. The said friend wrote;

Were close with Willy Paul and that’s why I am doing this coz this weekend we were together and I saw how much that guy is suffering manzee. Anatembea kama mtu Amelewa coz of stress.

Not in a good place

So according to the friend, Pozee has not been himself for the past few days and from the look of things – he ain’t behaving normal.

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The friend says Pozee rarely talks like he used to and this is making his friends freak out as they have no idea what he may be thinking. He went on to add;

Please save a soul from committing suicide (sijasema that’s his plan) but that guy is not in a good place saa hii and you’re the only one who can help him clear his name.

Well, honestly this is a tough one and since the two parties want to settle the case in court – probably that’s the only help Pozee might end up getting. That is if his story is true.

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