Willy Paul Is Wrong, Gengetone Isn’t Dead

Willy Paul came out to brutally murder Gengetone and he did so with zero sympathies. And this will doubtless earn him zero fans and friends from among the artists who create Gengetone music.

Willy Paul is cheapening his brand with all his stunts

You see, the genre was created almost by accident when Ethic Entertainment released their viral hit, Lamba Lolo which inspired an entire host of young artistes to start churning out music.


Since then, the genre was kept alive by the constant updates from some of the most popular artists of the day such as Sailors, Boondocks Gang, Magix Enga among others.

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Interestingly, Willy Paul never did jump on the bandwagon and it is clear that he missed that train out of spite. He clearly is not a fan of the artform.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Perhaps it is down to the vulgar lyrics or perhaps it is down to the fact that alot of the beats were stripped down and seemed lazily produced. But whatever the case, he showed the genre no love.

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Unlike most of his peers though, Willy Paul was not eclipsed by the meteoric rise of the genre. He managed to stay relevant through his constant publicity stunts and bullshit beefs.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul dishes out notes of cash under heavy security in Mathare (Video)

And while alot of people seem to be supporting his sentiment about the genre dying, I would argue that the lockdown really did a number on it.

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Willy Paul knows, just aswell as I, that Gengetone or any other fledgling genre needs to be nurtured at concerts and in bars and clubs.

Willy Paul looking dapper

That is where people get to interact with the music and give it legs. So the Corona lockdowns didn’t allow music to be truly enjoyed as it was intended.

That makes Willy Paul’s assertion a falsetious one. Add to this the fact that the artists who produce Gengetone music aren’t doing much as they try and wait out the lockdowns and you get my point.

Also the few songs that are put out are really celebrated. They receive wild reception whenever they are dropped in matatus and at the few clubs that dare to flout the Corona lockdown rules inorder to survive.

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