Willy Paul & Miss P Are Mere Clout Chasers

Singer Willy Paul responded to the recent apology issued by his former artist, Miss P, who had accused him of sexual assault.

Miss P, who was previously signed to Willy Paul’s Saldido label, expressed her regret for defaming him during an interview with Nicholas Kioko.

While referring to a previous interview, Miss P said, “I felt pain, I felt anger, I felt many things, my feelings were everywhere, at that time I was not mentally right, I hate to say this but it is one thing. I regret doing that.”

Through Instagram, Willy Paul expressed his satisfaction that the truth had finally come to light while also acknowledging that it has been a challenging and difficult two years since the accusations were made.

He posted a video of Miss P’s apology, in which she revealed that her motivation for defaming Willy Paul was due to her own personal reasons.

Miss P accuses Willy Paul of forcing himself on her

Re-Union For Clout

Well, we all know Miss P was almost being forgotten by netizens after her music career faded slowly.

In a series of photos splashed on social media, the duo engaged in public display of affection and let their fans know of their relationship.

In one of the photos, Willy Paul can be seen grabbing Miss P by the waist with the caption of the photo reading: “Love You”.

In yet another photo, Willy Paul can be seen holding Miss P’s hips with a caption that alluded to their relationship.

“You Grab It Like You Own It Coz You Own It! ❤️” Willy Paul wrote.

The duo might just be clout chasing for their upcoming project. I bet this isn’t a serious relationship.

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