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Willy Paul releases video footage showing Shakilla ‘breaking into’ his residence

October 14, 2020 at 09:09
Willy Paul releases video footage showing Shakilla ‘breaking into’ his residence

Willy Paul has come out to back up allegations of Shakilla trespassing into his residence in the middle of the night with a CCTV video footage showing how it all went down.

The lass spent the night in detention following her night arrest in Mlolongo at around 12 midnight, after Willy Paul who felt threatened by her presence in his home, called the area police on her.

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To back up the claims, the controversial Kenyan artist shared a roughly 4-minute clip that shows Shakillas entry into his home, until the police took her away.

The video footage

It starts with a dear Shakilla walking into the residence whose gates were left ajar, carrying a bag in hand, waiting outside for a couple of minutes before getting access into the house.

Socialite Shakilla

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A lady, allegedly Willy Pauls female friend was the one who ushered in the 19-year old, the two had a brief chat before Pozze walks in, in the company of several men in what seemed like a heated discussion.

Shortly after, armed policemen walk into the residence ahead of Shakilla’s arrest at around 00:52 hours in the night.

A footage Willy Paul labelled “PART 1”, when the “lost teenager came into his house without his knowledge and lied to his female friend that he has a meeting with her and that she is his business partner”.

willy paul

Controversial singer, Willy Paul

Forewarning the teen socialite against crossing his paths again. Asking her to stay away from him because even though she claims they know each other, he does not know her.

Alleging that certain people had sent the lass to his residence before the scuffle.

Please Shakilla or whatever you call yourself…. stay away from me. I don’t know you so stop making it look like I know you… and tell the people that sent u this; KAMENUKA,” he wrapped up.

Willy Paul and Shakilla

Video footage that has been the topic of discussion since its release, with netizens believing there is a side of the story they are not being told.


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